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I sometimes make music under the moniker "fastachee".

I hate looking down at my hand and realizing I've lost a ring at some point because it's winter and my fingers are freezing
7 months ago
I just realized I made some minor financial decisions 2 days ago while I was fairly deep in a high covid fever. If this works out well I think I might be onto something
8 months ago
How do you effectively a) communicate a message, and b) find and consume quality content - with billions of people? Maybe it isn't a perfectly solvable problem. Maybe you just don't participate in a pool of billions. I am gearing up for the comeback of the BBS. /4
13 months ago
CENTRALIZE! ... DE-CENTRALIZE! [cycle repeats] I really am enjoying the excitment right now around the "fediverse", but it's really a nice discovery/sync protocol over what the internet was intended for - and a growing rejection of those walled gardens. ... finally. /3
13 months ago
Looking forward to compelling, competitive alternatives, not looking forward to having to go out and "collate for productivity" again. Will need an RSS equivalent for the twitter/reddit clones. /2
13 months ago
The Walled Gardens are really busy strengthening those walls right now. I get the need to combat AI gold-rush content scraping, but this hostility to 3rd party integrations exposes some deep misunderstandings of why users build for you. /1
13 months ago
Trying for a song a month. I shouldn't say that out loud. This song is late. Shut up. It's fine. I'm only a disappointment to myself. Enjoy. Hopefully.
14 months ago
I'd like to "mute this video" now
4 years ago
I just had to explain to my daughter that browsers once didn't have tabs as a built-in feature. Felt like I was describing cassette tapes.
7 years ago
Any moment now, Donald Trump will peel back his mask to reveal that he has been Sacha Baron Cohen the whole time. Best Ali G prank ever.
8 years ago
1st deadly sin. 4 rooms. 5th element. 6th sense. 9 yards. 12 monkeys. 16 blocks. WTF is the deal with Bruce Willis.
8 years ago
The worst/best items to fill a pinata with: 1) mayonnaise 2) bees
8 years ago
In 100 years, everyone will prefer emoji to words, and future generations will believe our hieroglyphics were based on eggplants.
9 years ago
Urinals are less inviting when you're wearing flip flops.
9 years ago
"It just seems so overcomplexified." "Overcomplicated?" "Shut up".
9 years ago
"Let our proprietary snacking algorithm select your next snack!" oh god oh god the bubble is going to pop again
9 years ago
Cranked up a 1964 Silvertone after a 20 year hiatus tonight. The tubes. THE TUBES. So good.
9 years ago
Areas labeled "no cellphones" ABSOLUTELY extend to Skype calls. It's not the device, it's your conversation no one wants to be part of.
9 years ago
Correction: "Ass satchels"
9 years ago
From this point forward, all "Fanny Packs" shall hereby be referred to as "Heinie Bags".
9 years ago