Aug 23 2006

Washington DC Trip

Finally got out to DC last weekend to visit my bro. I was starting to seriously suffer from 'bad brother' guilt complex, as he's been out there for nearly two years, and this was my first visit.

Yeah, I think Justin forgives me.

High points:

  • NSA's museum of crypto. Man, there's some really neat stuff in there. I used an Enigma machine!
  • Food, food, food. Ethiopian, Arabian, Sushi (of course), and surprisingly, the best Chinese I've ever eaten. Coincidentally, it was also the hottest Chinese I've ever eaten.
  • Chillin' out and playing Dreamcast's old "Virtua Tennis" until way after I should have been asleep. That game is really the only reason I was excited to get a Dreamcast. (I know, it sounds lame, but Tennis is FUN. Try it with beer. It helps.)
  • Tour of the my Bro's work. Man, if I've ever complained about my past working environments, or you think you have it bad now... shaddup. No one has a shittier work environment than the IT guys at this place. Basement. Ceilings that are about as tall as I am. Mold. Mildew. Flooding. Asbestos. Nasty. Made me feel really lucky I don't work a government job. :)

Low points:

  • Passing out on the plane on the flight there. No, really. I passed out. Like a load of bricks. Banged up my knee, and was lifted to my feet by a male flight attendant. Got to huff oxygen at the front of the plane while passengers looked at me and whispered. Good times.
  • Getting caught up in DC construction/repair on the Metro, and having to take a grand tour of the city to get back to Justin's apartment... right as the bus line went to an hourly schedule.
  • Five hour flight home. Barf.

Anyway - I had a great time, and actually really liked DC. Justin, next time the whole crew will come out and sleep on your couch. Ahh yeah!