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I sometimes make music under the moniker "fastachee".

Trying for a song a month. I shouldn't say that out loud. This song is late. Shut up. It's fine. I'm only a disappointment to myself. Enjoy. Hopefully.
5 weeks ago
I'd like to "mute this video" now
3 years ago
I just had to explain to my daughter that browsers once didn't have tabs as a built-in feature. Felt like I was describing cassette tapes.
6 years ago
Any moment now, Donald Trump will peel back his mask to reveal that he has been Sacha Baron Cohen the whole time. Best Ali G prank ever.
7 years ago
1st deadly sin. 4 rooms. 5th element. 6th sense. 9 yards. 12 monkeys. 16 blocks. WTF is the deal with Bruce Willis.
7 years ago
The worst/best items to fill a pinata with: 1) mayonnaise 2) bees
7 years ago
In 100 years, everyone will prefer emoji to words, and future generations will believe our hieroglyphics were based on eggplants.
7 years ago
Urinals are less inviting when you're wearing flip flops.
7 years ago
"It just seems so overcomplexified." "Overcomplicated?" "Shut up".
8 years ago
"Let our proprietary snacking algorithm select your next snack!" oh god oh god the bubble is going to pop again
8 years ago
Cranked up a 1964 Silvertone after a 20 year hiatus tonight. The tubes. THE TUBES. So good.
8 years ago
Areas labeled "no cellphones" ABSOLUTELY extend to Skype calls. It's not the device, it's your conversation no one wants to be part of.
8 years ago
Correction: "Ass satchels"
8 years ago
From this point forward, all "Fanny Packs" shall hereby be referred to as "Heinie Bags".
8 years ago
The Oregonian seems to be littering on my lawn again each morning
8 years ago
beef jerky breakfast
8 years ago
It's a shame that cars in Portland don't seem to have any way to indicate your turning intentions to other drivers.
9 years ago
boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants
9 years ago
My children are reading stinkymeat to each other tonight. Not sure how to feel about this.
10 years ago
Declaring bankruptcy on catching up with yesterday's news, since it's all fake anyway. Hope nothing important happened.
11 years ago